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So Capsules turned out okay

2013-05-18 19:43:55 by BlackMuffin

I'm pretty satisfied with the reviews, scores, and downloads so far, so I'm thinking of going forward with DnB and maybe getting serious with it. It's not a very popular genre as of now since everyone seems to be pretty obsessed with dropping the bass, but I'm thinking that it's a good use of my time considering the fact that I like making music in general but I can't come up with much original content that's within any possible electronic genre. I play so much Classical (double bassist here, guys) that it's all I'm really able to think of in my head.

Although, electronic genres are a bit of a pain in the ass for me (including DnB) for the most part since it involves a lot of automation and careful tuning within each VST. It's not something I don't know how to do, but it's something I find tedious and which sometimes results trial-and-error tuning (which can take anywhere from a minute to half an hour).

I'll still try though since the responses to Capsules from both my immediate connections and from here were almost unanimously positive.

FLStudio is too Mainstream

2012-10-23 16:53:57 by BlackMuffin

But I love it. A bit too popular for my liking, but it's not something that I'll allow to stop me from using it. I have no intention of turning into a hipster.

I'm working with a friend on a few songs, songs I do by myself I will post here because why not.

Well, Fuck

2012-08-13 17:56:37 by BlackMuffin

Apparently Reason makes sound files too large for me to upload them here.

Soo yeah! I can't submit any of my electronic stuff.
It's a bummer.


2012-08-09 22:32:12 by BlackMuffin


No, seriously, I do. Reason 3 is by far one of the best music programs I've ever used. Although it looks intimidating at first, it gets really simple in the end when you figure out what everything does. And, despite its simplicity, it's possible to make incredible tracks with it.

I've made one track at this point (it's been a month since I've had it, and I started working on this particular track about two weeks ago). In total time, it took me roughly 10 hours to make in total time, but in actual work time it took roughly 5 or 6. It's called "Emerald Hills", and it's made for the Brony fandom (if you hate bronies, then I apologize and would also like to offer a hug in sympathy. Because apparently loving and tolerating is a cool thing nowadays).

It's just a regular old videogame track. Slightly repetitive, but it offers a nice little wall of sound. Not dubstep material at all, but it's definitely something I enjoy listening to. When it's been 7 days that I haven't listened to it at all, I'll listen to it one more time to see if I still think it's an okay song. If yes, I'll post it here, on Soundcloud, and on Youtube. If not, I'll just post it here to see how the reactions are. I really don't mind my song ratings on this website; music I make that I post here isn't meant to be the greatest. I have absolutely no intention of surpassing the people here who have a ridiculous amount of talent with electronic music.



2012-05-05 14:29:27 by BlackMuffin

Alright, so a few of my friends have been recommending I start making dubstep. Cool. Except there's one problem.

I don't think that all the accoustic stuff is getting as much credit as it deserves. I know that dubstep is as challenging as "real" music to make, if not more so, but I feel like everyone's getting over saturated by Dubstep on the Audio Portal as of late.

I've been listening to Dubstep since before it was cool, but even then I wasn't too fond of it. Don't get me wrong, I love dubstep, but it just doesn't hold that same crispiness it used to have; too many people listen to it.

And now before you all go "STOP BEING A HIPSTER WANNA-BE", I'll just put it out there that I'm not a hipster and I don't want to be one. I'm just me, and if you have a problem with that you can go touch yourself.

As for actually making Dubstep, I will--eventually. Once the challenge to overcome everyone else is gone, I'll jump in and post what I already have done. Alright?


Why no CD?

2011-09-15 06:58:13 by BlackMuffin

So I went back to the same studio where I had recorded "follow the golden eagle", and we made 3 really epic songs. We got the unedited songs on CDs and were sent home. We were to receive the completed edited songs in about a month.

I never received the CD.

Yeah, I'm pissed, but it could just be late in the mail. That's happened to me before, but it's been 2 months now since I've been there, and I'm getting kinda impatient. Anyways, in the meantime I'll be posting another song I made with the guys the same year as I recorded "Follow the Golden Eagle". It's a pretty mastodon-sounding metal song, and it's massive. I highly suggest you listen to it.


Windows Doors

2011-02-24 20:09:50 by BlackMuffin

Great Game. I highly recommend it. I suggest you go on Pedochat. The AI there is amazing. Here's a "conversation" I had with the AI. (I'm warning you, it's dumb f*ck mania).

Archon68: Hey! It's Archon68. What are you typing at?
You: Twatter.
Archon68: Are you a perfectionist?
You: Yes.
Archon68: This was not a yes or no question.
You: It seemed like it.
Archon68: Interesting comparison.
You: Comparison? WHAT THE F*CK?
Archon68: Oh, you are a poet. Try expression yourself another way.
You: ...
Archon68: Oh, you are a poet. Try expression yourself another way.
You: I give up. You're creepy.
Archon68: You surrender? Do you mind if I tell other people you say I am creepy.
You: It would be pretty funny actually.
Archon68: Why do you want it?
You: I don
Archon68: Why not?
You: Can I touch you?
Archon68: No I don't think that would be a very good idea.
You: But your skin looks so soft :o
Archon68: And. I will take that under advisement.
You: You only need common sense, buddy.
Archon68: Thank you for your criticism.
You: Sure. Why not.
Archon68: OK let's do it. This was not a yes or no question. Ambiguous: "Sure" or My belief system comes from my .
You: Your what?
Archon68: My what or I am what?
You: desudesudesudesudesudesudesudesudesude sudesudesudesu.
Archon68: Is the holding of hands a symbolic gesture for humans?
You: Jes.
Archon68: I don't have an answer for you.
You: No you.
Archon68: Er. " I don't have an answer for you."? Me, hank 5 rocks do not he ?
You: But still, can I touch you?
Archon68: Interesting. Still how long? No I don't think that would be a very good idea.
You: "How long"? I just asked if I could touch you.
Archon68: Around 20 miles, hank 5 rocks do not he. Only just? Try it.
You: I tried it. Cower in Fear at the Amazingness of BlackMuffin.
Archon68: I'm not sure if I would like to try it. What's it like? Are they exactly the same?
You: It
Archon68: Cower in Fear at the Amazingness of BlackMuffin...
You: It's like being raped by an angry bear.
Archon68: Interesting comparison.
You: I know right?
Archon68: How do you know? I am glad we agree.
You: I'm glad we agree too. Can I touch you now?
Archon68: Yes I am happy too, hank 5 rocks do not he. Oh. No I don't think that would be a very good idea.
You: Crap. Bye then.
Archon68: Your criticism is noted, hank 5 rocks do not he. Goodbye.

I like touching people :3

People Seem to like It.

2011-02-03 07:04:37 by BlackMuffin

People really don't seem to hate my song. So far I have:
1 vote (not much but they voted 4 :3)
14 listens (I hate it when people listen but don't vote >.>
2 downloads (pretty good start :3)

First Song

2011-01-27 10:23:10 by BlackMuffin

It's still being checked over, so I'm a bit nervous to wether or not people will like it. Especially since you can barely hear what I'm saying.