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2012-08-09 22:32:12 by BlackMuffin


No, seriously, I do. Reason 3 is by far one of the best music programs I've ever used. Although it looks intimidating at first, it gets really simple in the end when you figure out what everything does. And, despite its simplicity, it's possible to make incredible tracks with it.

I've made one track at this point (it's been a month since I've had it, and I started working on this particular track about two weeks ago). In total time, it took me roughly 10 hours to make in total time, but in actual work time it took roughly 5 or 6. It's called "Emerald Hills", and it's made for the Brony fandom (if you hate bronies, then I apologize and would also like to offer a hug in sympathy. Because apparently loving and tolerating is a cool thing nowadays).

It's just a regular old videogame track. Slightly repetitive, but it offers a nice little wall of sound. Not dubstep material at all, but it's definitely something I enjoy listening to. When it's been 7 days that I haven't listened to it at all, I'll listen to it one more time to see if I still think it's an okay song. If yes, I'll post it here, on Soundcloud, and on Youtube. If not, I'll just post it here to see how the reactions are. I really don't mind my song ratings on this website; music I make that I post here isn't meant to be the greatest. I have absolutely no intention of surpassing the people here who have a ridiculous amount of talent with electronic music.



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